I’ll keep this simple:

My name is Aaron McCarter.

I’m the Pastor of a church called the Maryville Vineyard: http://www.maryvillevineyard.com

My wife’s name is Sharon…we got hitched in January of 2003.

We have a baby boy who was born on February 27, 2008

That’s it for now…



  1. Hmmmm? So are you to be taken seriously? (Based on the title of your Blog)

    Re: Fingernail Biting: “May I get you a slice of bread?” I too used to do that–not anymore, quit that awful nasty habit. They are easier to polish and look better. (But I wear gloves when smoking otherwise they get stained)

    We all have something or another to overcome.

    All my best,
    Cristy Li

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