Posted by: Aaron McCarter | December 15, 2008

Five things I’m always hesitant to do, but am always glad I did

  1. Quiet TimeAlways a struggle.  Always glad when I do it.
  2. Going to bed earlySomething about going to bed before I’m absolutely exhausted feels like a waste–but the truth is the only thing going to waste is my ability to think the next day.
  3. Giving Bryce a bathSeems like such a chore.  But every single time I laugh so hard it hurts.
  4. Picking up the phoneWhen I call someone to talk I feel like I should have something to say that’s either important or profound.  I rarely do.  But invariably, when I actually make the call, I find myself have a meaningful conversation.
  5. Working outNo explanation needed here, it’s just true.

Do you concur?  Any additions?



  1. You should call me. We could get a gym membership together.

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