Posted by: Aaron McCarter | November 12, 2008

Vice Busters

I have been a fingernail biter as long as I can remember.  Seriously.  I cannot remember a time when I didn’t bite my fingernails.  Down to bloody knubs sometimes.

This morning I woke up with about 4 of them throbbing.  Bit too far back.  Stings all day.  Isn’t that stupid?  So, enough’s enough.  I’m going to take a shot at kicking the habit.

I’ll use the blog to help.  Every few days I’ll post a couple more pics of my nails…in theory they’ll be less gross each time.  Not painted and manicured or anything, just less gross.  If not, then I blew it.  Or I’m extremely malnourished.





  1. sick. don’t feel like you always have to report your progress!

  2. Your nails look decent compared to mine which are much lower. Nail biting is dirty and looks uncouth. But I enjoy it and do it all the time

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