Posted by: Aaron McCarter | November 8, 2008

Spook de’ Croup

If you’re looking for medical info about croup, look here.

Bryce has ‘the Croup.’  Doesn’t that sound ominous?  Can’t you hear the raspy voice of the excessively old woman with spindly fingers and oppressive evil eyes, “he’s got the Croup!”

The reality is, Croup is nothing more than baby-Larengitis.  The problem is, when we get the swelling that accompanies Larengitis we get a scratchy throat…but when a baby gets that swelling, their airway closes.

Last night at 3:37am Bryce woke up crying, coughing, and fighting for air.  Sharon was already suspicious that he might be ‘croupy’.  We took him outside on the porch to take in some cold air (apparently that can open things up a bit).  But to no avail.  Within a few minutes we (Sharon, really) knew we had to take him to Children’s.

We were only there a couple of hours.  After two breathing treatments and some cherry-flavored steroids we got to head home.

Bryce could have a cough for a couple more weeks, and the Doc (Dr. Francis Craig, actually–she was awesome!) said he’d be contagious for 3-4 days.  So I guess Bryce will be laying out of church!

He’s a little whiny, but he’s been a trooper!



  1. OOH NO! Poor little guy!! He is too little and too absolutely wonderful to be croupy. He should be immune. We are praying!

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