Posted by: Aaron McCarter | October 29, 2008


I don’t often miss college.  Dont’ get me wrong, it was a great time and I have a lot of great memories.  However, college was a necessary step for a desired destination.  It never felt like home.

However, since I’ve been working day in and day out with Matt Farrand (our assoc. pastor) a lot of college memories keep getting pulled up.  It’s close quarters for long hours, and it takes on a dorm-like feel at times (much to the dismay of our wives, who also work there, and are often pulled into the foolishness against their will).

Yesterday’s memory: scrounging.  College was all about scrounging for food.  The combination of extreme poverty and extreme laziness led hungry guys to do all sorts of scrounging to piece together some sort of a meal.

We scrounge all of the time at the office.  A lot of cereal gets eaten.  A lot of strange food combinations are concocted.

Yesterday Matt’s hunger combined with his desire to keep working and not go out for food, led him to do some classic scrounging.  Peanut butter, of course, is a scrounging staple.  But when Matt went after some PB, he found only scarce remmants.  Worse still, the PB was out of reach!  So, like any varsity scrounger would, he did what he had to do:


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