Posted by: Aaron McCarter | February 23, 2008

spending the bounty…

Many thanks to all of you who gave suggestions for how I should spend my iTunes Christmas gifts. I’m about halfway through the spending…and wanted to let you know how the different albums have been working for me…and let you know that I’m still open for suggestions.

It’s been some great stuff so far…here’s the rundown in the order in which they were purchased:

Modest Mouse:
iTunes Essentials album
8.5 out of 10
This is a new band for me and I love them! They’re quirky and original and fun. It’s pretty refreshing to hear an album where no song sounds alike, and all songs sound different than everybody else. I like the vocals…but the strength of the band is definitely the lead guitarist who is the source of most of the creativity, and who’s riffs really make the band stand out from the rest. It’s a good upbeat, ‘soundtrack for life’ type album.

I docked them half a point for random and unnecessary profanity…and a full point for the fact that their lyrics are pretty surfacy (you can’t give a ten to a band that doesn’t ever say anything meaningful!)

One Republic:
Dreaming Out Loud
7.5 out of 10
Another winner. They lack the creativity of a Modest Mouse…but for a pure pop band, they’re pretty stellar. In fact, I haven’t enjoyed a pop band this much in quite a while. They mix in the cello from time to time, and I love that! They got docked because the album wasn’t consistently good. The good songs are great…the rest just aren’t. Lyrics get a bit sappy, too.

Coldplay: iTunes Essentials album
10 out of 10
Yeah, that’s right 10 out of 10! This is maybe the most critically acclaimed band of all-time, and this album is a hits compilation…so, yeah, it was incredibly good song after song. Coldplay is as good as it gets if you ask me.

Sound of Melodies
6.5 out of 10
Another winner. 6.5 seems pretty low, I realize…but I’m excited about this band. The kid who wrote and arranged all these songs is 18 years old. He’s original, has something to sing about (Jesus, to be specific), not too canned. All the stuff that I’m liking quite a bit, I’m expecting to love 2-3 albums down the road from now. I’m so impressed with this 18 year-old, great vocals! The lyrics have the farthest to go…but if he’s writing this way now at 18, he’ll be an incredible lyricist in a few years.

**I also bought Demetri Martin’s stand up comedy special ‘Person.’ …because he’s my favorite comedian. That was the best $1.99 spent out of the whole lot!


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