Posted by: Aaron McCarter | January 13, 2008

Help needed…

Christmas has come with it’s bounty…and left me with $115 in iTunes gift cards!  Fantastic!

That’s 10-12 new albums!  I have no intention of spending it on anything other than music.  So, that’s where I need help.  There are few things better than coming across a really great new album…and I’m determined to get a bunch of them.

So…what do you suggest?  What are you favorite albums of all time?  Don’t bother with anything country…but other than that, I’m open to just about anything.

Just leave me a comment with your suggestions. Thanks!  I’ll let you know later what I end up buying.



  1. okay, so I know that I let you hear them, but you really should check out OneRepublic. They are pretty stinkin fantastic. also, Augustana’s new album has to be coming out soon, so you might want to save some for when that comes… just a thought

    on another note, you need to check out my new blog. it is add me to your blogroll. peace out homie


  2. Hmmm most of the music I listen to is pretty dark, so I won’t suggest Manson’s Heart Shaped Glasses or Rob Zombie’s latest… LOL
    Have you ever heard of Phil Keaggy? He’s related to one of the big cheeses at my work, and he appeared at my office Christmas party. I was totally going to blow him off, but I rode with someone else (Emily Brenyas, as a matter of fact), so I was stuck. I was only unhappy for about aminute, because this guy can play! He can do things with a guitar I haven’t heard of since Frampton ( I know, I know, it’s only a distortion pedal, WHATEVER – I’m still impressed). And the guy is missing a finger or fingers, whichever. He’s just good. Check him out.

  3. *sigh*
    Ok, so I’ll get blasted for this, I’m a big fan of the sounds from old country; not country music, but as in Ireland, Scotland, etc. So currently I’m still listening to an album Nik and I picked up on our first anniversary in 2002; Celtic Twilight Vol 5; it’s on iTunes and well worth the money. Our favorite on that album is call Navigatio by Jeff Johnson. Perfect song to go to sleep too.
    Other than that I just grab whatever I feel like listening too. I’ll get on a soundtrack kick and grab a few pieces from Chronicles of Narnia, Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, whatever. Or I’ll go grab some odd song from the 90’s; Matthew Sweet’s “Girlfriend” is a great one hit wonder from back-in-tha-day.
    In other words, I suck. LOL Have fun spending though! I’ll find an infomercial that tells me I can’t buy all those great songs in stores and respond with, “But I can on iTunes!” You get the idea

  4. I’m not sure what to suggest for a guy that likes a band called Death Cab for Cutie, but I’m going to try and help you. Here are the artist I enjoy now: Jon McLaughlin, Plain White Ts, OneRebublic. I’m not sure how new these are. I don’t listen to the radio so it takes me a while to hear new stuff. You should also have some Ben harper, Damien Rice, Mat Kearney, Scissor Sisters, Phantom Planet, and Ryan Adams. Oh, If you don’t have everything Journey ever recorded you should start with that. You might also think about getting Bonnie Tyler – I Need a Hero and Total Eclipse of the Heart. Plus meatloaf -Two Out of Three and Anything For Love. Joe Cocker – Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong. That should be enough to get you started. Please let me know if after you get all this you still have money to spend and we’ll look at it again.

  5. Journey, man. Journey.

  6. oh..and I’m with Reynolds. No library is complete w/o Ryan Adams. He speaks from the soul.
    But, I just accidentally deleted my whole IPOD, so who am I to make suggestions??

  7. I just said this in an email, but in case you happen to have any of those iTunes gift cards left: Jeremy Enigk, “World Waits”. It’s beautiful. Plus since you dig Modest Mouse, go get the album “Tiny Cities” by Sun Kil Moon. It’s an entire album of (yes) gorgeously acoustic Modest Mouse covers.

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