Posted by: Aaron McCarter | January 3, 2008

I Dream of Sharon

We were in staff meeting yesterday, brainstorming about how to promote an upcoming workday, and the idea came to spoof the old “I Dream of Jeannie” TV show…all to make a pretty sarcastic, but funny point.  The great part about it, is that my wife, Sharon, stars as the genie!  What makes it all the better, is that my wife is about 71/2 months pregnant in the video, and she looks absolutely adorable!

if you’re a Vineyardite, then you’re getting a sneek preview to the announcements for this Sunday (but please still show up on time ;).

All the work for this, from concept to completion was done by two of my best friends: Chris Fowler and Matt Farrand.  Thanks guys, you did an awesome job!   



  1. You just can’t keep something like this under wraps for long! Fowler & I had a blast putting this thing together. Thanks for the nod. m

  2. That has to be one of the greatest vids of all time!

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