Posted by: Aaron McCarter | December 2, 2007

Breaking out of Hell!

When I was in the fourth grade I sat with a good buddy of mine on the dirt floor of an abandoned barn we’d wandered off to, and started trying to convince him to become a Christian. It wasn’t working very well…so I tried a more direct approach: I began to tell him about the horrors of Hell.

Since I was only nine or ten, I can only remember parts of the conversation, but I distinctly remember telling him about the fire that never went out, and that anybody who wasn’t a Christian was going to be stuck there forever and ever and ever. That got his attention! I’ll never forget his response…it was something I never would have expected. He stood up and declared that that’d be fine by him, ’cause he’d just break out!

“Say what?!” I tried to tell him that nobody can break out of Hell, and that he’d just have to trust me on that one…but he was insistent that if he ended up in the lake of fire that he’d kick some demon butt and make a run for it! He didn’t become a Christian that day.

I wish that I’d had the presence of mind to take a different approach. Rather than telling him just about the horrors of Hell (which are altogether real, by the way), I should have also taken the opportunity to tell him of the wonders of being with Jesus! That is, so you know, the real prize of heaven! It’s not the streets of gold or the crystal sea (although, I imagine those are nice!)…no, the great eternal reward that awaits those who believe in Jesus as their Savior and Lord, is the opportunity to be with Jesus!

I’ve heard preachers talk about Hell as being eternal separation from God…maybe you have, too. For years when I heard that taught I scoffed, and judged that those preachers were just too afraid to give it to people straight and tell them about the fury of Hell. I was wrong about that.

Now, I do think that you’ve got to give it to people straight…but to call Hell eternal separation from God is no cop-out! I’m convinced that that’s the worst part of it all. The Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from God, the Father of Lights. All that is good and right and satisfying comes from Him. The great horror of Hell, then, is to be separated from God…and, therefore, from all that is good and right and satisfying. How awful that must be! So, I guess maybe you could break out of Hell, they might not even try to stop you…cause you’d find no relief.  Flames or no flames, you’d still not be with the only One who satisfies.

And how gloriously different it will be for the ones who turn to Jesus and are saved by His blood that was spilled on the Cross!

About a year later, in that same dusty barn, I did tell my friend about the joy of being with Jesus…and he became a Christian that day.



  1. I agree with you 100%. Can you imagine being in hell knowing that someone witnessed to you about Jesus and you did not believe and repent. Maybe that’s where all the weeping and gnashing of teeth come in?

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