Posted by: Aaron McCarter | November 21, 2007

“Think About it” -Hyundai

Hyundai’s newest ad campaign, challenging us to think about car-buying rationally (a new concept), is an interesting marketing strategy. Their angle is essentially this: “alright, so we’re not the sexiest brand name out there…but we’re pretty darn good…and if you could look past your massive ego for one second, you’d agree with us!” Here’s a couple of their not-so-subtle ads that I particularly enjoy:

Marketing cars has traditionally been more about selling the idea of an automobile, than about selling the vehicle itself. Hyundai may be cutting off the hand that feeds them…but it’s a refreshing twist to encourage people to think rationally instead of emotionally. Now, they didn’t go so far as to encourage us to think about buying used cars…but encouraging rational thought isn’t their actual goal!

They mock us for paying thousands of dollars for an ego boost…well deserved. The american drive for trinkets and toys is eclipsed only by the american drive to have better trinkets and toys than the next guy. And in the end, we all end up looking like fools. Philippians 3:19, talking about sinners, says that they “glory in their shame.” One of the many ways we do that, is in boasting in our own lack of perspective…expecting approval from others because of the brand of car that we drive or clothes that we wear. Shamefully, and sinfully, we drown ourselves in debt to get the stuff that will get us ahead in the rat race…and then we glory in it, showing it off to anyone who’ll look, hoping that they’ll think more of us because of our foolishness.

It’s madness isn’t it?


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