Posted by: Aaron McCarter | November 8, 2007

My son kicked me in the face!

Yesterday was a great day!  My pregnant wife (24 weeks) has been feeling our son, Bryce, moving around a lot lately.  I was unhappy with the fact that she got to feel the little guy moving about, and I had nothing to do but sit back and watch.  So I  had Sharon lay down, and I gave Bryce a little pep talk.  Then I laid my head on the place where she had just felt him move, and I pushed in just enough to cramp Bryce’s space a little bit…and, clearly unhappy with my invasion, the child kicked me in the face!  It was pretty much the most exciting thing that’s happened since we found out Sharon was pregnant…at least for me it was!  He probably thought somebody was picking on his momma, and he wasn’t having it!  What an awesome little man!



  1. that’s awesome man! Hrm, Kick to the face . . . sounds like you’re getting the parent thing down early! I can remember talking on one side of Nik’s belly and Della would move closer, cool stuff.

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