Posted by: Aaron McCarter | September 18, 2007

the Kenya-Kut!

My first trip to Joska is scheduled to begin in one week! I’ll first head down to Atlanta to meet up with the Trinity folks, and then we’ll set sail (through the air), on the 26th. My excitement about the trip has skyrocketed in the last couple of days! Our church made a big move from one to two services this past Sunday. That’s been filling my schedule and my thoughts in preparation for that big shift…as a result, the trip’s been displaced from the front of my mind. However, now that we’ve made the change (everything went great!), I’ve got Joska on the brain!

I’ve done most of the prep work for the trip. The vaccinations were the biggest and most annoying step. They were fine for the most part…except that I had to give myself a mild case of Yellow Fever (that’s the strangest thing…vaccines are amazing!), and that pretty much wiped me out for a couple of days.

Of equal importance…
Yesterday I went to SuperCuts and got what I’m calling “the Kenya-Kut”. One simple objective: cut it short enough that I won’t have to do anything to it the whole time I’m in Joska. So, it’s short. Really short. Marines short. I’ve gotten a lot of funny looks, and a lot of people saying generic and intentionally uncomplimentary things like, “Hey, you got your haircut!” Sharon and I have had a few laughs talking about the dance people do when someone makes a change so obvious that you have to say something…but can’t say anything nice without flat out lying! It’s been good times! Actually, Sharon doesn’t like it either…but you can make an argument that I did for Jesus (in a round about kind of way), and so she’s on board!

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to update the ole blog and keep you all informed while I’m in Kenya…I’m hearing that I’ll have occasional internet access, but it’s a wildcard. Either way, I’ll be making tons of notes and I’ll do some heavy posting either while I’m there, or when I get back.

Please be praying for a few last minute details to get ironed out…and of course, that God would use us to make a positive impact, for the vision for Joska to be deepened and clarified, for the hearts of all us spoiled Americans to be forever changed, and for God’s direction and protection through out.



  1. A real blogger would have posted a picture.
    I’m deeply disappointed.

    I’m also super-stoked about your trip.
    We’ll definitely be praying for you guys!

  2. I’m thinking me and Shannon will be there (not Joska) next Sunday.

  3. The best thing about your kenya-cut is that you had it so short that the top of your head burned in the Kenya sunshine like a hamburger left too long on the grill! Then it started flaking… Aaron is known around our parts as the guy from TN with Dandruff!!

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