Posted by: Aaron McCarter | July 9, 2007

My first post: A few self-imposed ground rules!

My first post on the ‘ole blog! Blogging is a strange phenomenon. You start with a genuine desire to share some helpful information…mix in a little amateur philosophy…a healthy dose of lame jokes…a dash of angst…and two scoops of inflated self-importance…top it off with a pinch of voyeurism (is it really a blog, if I’m the only one reading it?)…and there you have it: A BLOGGER!

And now I am one. I suppose I fit the description well.

I’m hoping to resist the tempation to write in my blog as “Pastor Aaron McCarter” from the Maryville Vineyard. It’d be easier. The Vineyard is a huge part of my life,so I’m sure I’ll be chatting about it a lot, but I don’t want to use this as some cheap marketing tool. I’m a pretty spiritual person, and, I’m sure I’ll be talking a lot about Jesus. But I have no desire to flex my theological muscles or flaunt my Biblical knowledge.

I do hope to share (with whoever might be reading) the things that God is doing in my life (whether I understand them or not), a few thoughts and ideas (a pinch of amateur philosophy), and maybe strike up an interesting conversation or two.

We’ll see.



  1. I’m not big into blogging, but I enjoy your enthusiasm to keep up with this strange modern world (no, I didn’t call you worldly). I just wanted to say hi and that me and Shannon really enjoyed stopping by and listening and learning from you whenever we get the chance to visit with family. On our way there, we talked to Austin about being a Christian and how if he was truly saved we should be seeing the fruits of his salvation. I had a little bit of difficulty explaining it to him, but lo and behold, there you were to clear it up. I didn’t find it to be coincidence that the very topic we were discussing was taught that Sunday morning, it was providence, because it was also an awaking for me. I enjoy your format and have started to download your sermons to my iPod. I hate to say this, but whenever I am there I feel more at home than when I am at my “home” church. All the false fronts that begin at the church door are missing because I don’t feel the need to be what is acceptable at the church, I can be myself and be honest and open with God. I could go on for hours, but maybe I’ll save something for the next entry.


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